A Day in the Life

My mother frequently asks me, “So what do you do all day long exactly?” She knows that I work at a university and that I do not teach as much as I used to. She just cannot imagine what I might be doing with all my time if I am not in front of a classroom. Other friends and people on the street sometimes wonder what else an academic does with “all their free time.” Now that I am in a management role, academic staff may also wonder what fills my time. Through Twitter I found a great blog by Professor Pat Thompson and she is taking a picture of whatever she is looking at every day at 2PM to document her working life as an academic. That gave me the idea to do a daily blog entry on what I worked on or accomplished everyday. As it turns out, its difficult to do a daily blog…and probably a bit tedious for anyone who happens upon the blog. Perhaps I’ll manage at least a weekly entry. That way, next time mum asks “what do you do?” I can simply point her to my blog. You will find my  entries on the blog and by following this link.

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